Do Pheromones Work? A Candid Pheromone Review

 do pheromones work





Do pheromones Work? If you have found yourself wandering the net, asking yourself the same question as thousands of other folks, do pheromones work? Then you have found the site that will strive to answer that question and set you straight on the real deal about pheromone products for men and women alike. I would strongly suggest not purchasing any pheromone product until you read the results of my human pheromone reviews!

Starting my research into the world of human pheromones back in December, 2007, I was originally frustrated by the fact that there is very little in the way of conclusive scientific evidence Per Se, that these products work, or do not work.

As a matter of fact, the only two conclusions I was able to draw after reading through the findings of a number of clinical trials, is that there are basically two schools of thought on the whole matter.


The 1st School of Thought

They simply don’t know, insufficient clinical studies specific to humans.”

The 2nd School of Thought:

“Pheromones do effect certain people, but we don’t conclusively know to what extent, nor why some people respond to them and others do not.”


That’s the bottom-line on the issue of pheromones, as far as the scientific community goes at the moment. We must face facts, human beings are complex animals, scientific progress to rise to the level of scientific “proof” will take time.


So, Do Pheromones Really Work? Or Not?

Needless to say, I was not going to be satisfied with the available knowledge provided by the few clinical studies conducted to date. So I decided to conduct my own empirical review of a number of pheromone products.

In net effect, I searched for information online to aid me in identifying some of the top pheromone products currently on the market, including information gathered from some long time pheromone enthusiasts, and compiled my initial list. I then ordered the products and simply used them in the real world while carefully taking notes, and documenting my observations concerning others behavior, assuming there was anything to document at all of course. Yes, I used the good old fall back method, the empirical method of evaluation;

“depending upon experience or observation alone, without using scientific method or theory, esp. as in medicine.”

So What Happened? Do Pheromones Work?

In starting this site, I decided to take a more balanced approach. I’m not going to draw conclusions for the reader here. Every thinking individual should have the ability to make up his or her own mind as to answering the question, do pheromones work?, for themselves!

What I will do on this site, is simply publish, post by post, my field testing narrative, observations, and possible theories to the results or lack of results, and then let my readers draw their own conclusions.

I will publish each pheromone products field test results in the pages which follow, roughly 43 pheromone colognes for men, and another 13 pheromone products, pheromones for women to attract men! That’s currently 56 field tested products and counting!

The Scent of Eros for Men: James V Kohl’s The Scent of Eros for Men Reviewed

Scent of Eros for Men


The Scent of Eros for Men, produced in collaboration with pheromone expert and well known author James V. Kohl, emerged as the number one (#1) pick, as the most versatile human pheromone product for men. The Scent of Eros for Men powerfully reliable and unique.

The Scent of Eros fragrance line is one of the oldest, well known and most mature pheromone line for men currently available. The Scent of Eros fragrance line has been around since the very beginning of the pheromone industry, and they seem to have gotten it right!

The Scent of Eros for Men has been described as a standard issue for any new or experienced pheromone user to have in his or her arsenal.  This pheromone cologne comes in a roll on equipped bottle and is scented with a very pleasant sweet smelling musk fragrance. The smell of the Scent of Eros is in itself, very pleasing.


What is The Scent of Eros?

The Scent of Eros of Men is a pheromone product specifically designed, for men, which does not contain the pheromone Androstenone, but contains two other pheromones known as Androstenol and Androsterone.

So what is Androstenol? Androstenal is a human pheromone which pheromone enthusiasts have come to refer to as a social pheromone. The effects of being exposed to Androstenol signal the following; an sense of youth and vigor, friendliness, comfort, relaxation, and chattiness. In essence, in this case, a women being exposed to Androstenal would be more likely to become friendly and relaxed, and would feel more at ease to engage in prolonged conversation during the period of exposure, ie.,. a social pheromone. Which appeared to be great for “breaking the ice,” and freely getting conversations going, especially with strangers.

So what is Androsterone? Androsterone, the second human pheromone included in the Scent of Eros for Men, is a human pheromone that seems to have the effect of creating an aura of masculinity about the wearer, and signalling an impression of protection, security, and reliability. In other words,  a women exposed to a male wearing Androsterone would most likely view him as an Alpha Male protector type of man who would traditionally take care of her.

What is Androstenone? The primary pheromone that the Scent of Eros does not contain, is Androstenone. Androstenone is a human pheromone which the pheromone community refers to basically as a sexually base pheromone.  Androstenone signals those exposed, among other things, dominance, aggression, competition, and is strongly known to be associated and to induce feeling of strong sexual attraction.

I will go more in depth on the benefits and cautions regarding the use of Androstenone later, however, the absence of Androstenone from the Scent of Eros for Men, is precisely why the Scent of Eros for Men is standard issue for pheromone enthusiasts, it is versatile, it can be worn at work, socially, or even around family, the results are very effective but neutral, not sexually based.

However, to obtain all the benefits that the Scent of Eros for Men confers upon the wearer, one can also simply apply a few of the more effective Androstenone based pheromone products, which is done quite frequently, to obtain the “best of both worlds,” so to speak, which would be inducing strong feelings of youth and vigor, friendliness, comfort, chatiness, security, protection, relability, all at the same time as inducing very strong feelings of sexual attraction! As I said, more on this latter.

The Field Test Results for The Scent of Eros for Men

I quickly observed a prime example of the Scent of Eros’ effectiveness during a one-on-one sales meeting I had with the purchasing manager at another company. I met in her office to negotiate a new contract on behalf of my employer. This purchasing manager is in her mid to late twenties, married, quite attractive, and is very energetic and quick witted.


Prior to walking into the meeting I had applied a Scent of Eros for Men. I was not able to observe any response from this manager until after about 2-3 minutes had passed..and then it clearly hit her.

This fast talking quick witted purchasing manager, become noticeably more relaxed, at ease, and friendly with me. She also responded by slowing down in her speech and volume, she started was speaking very quietly, which is not her normal behavior while negotiating a contract!

As time went on during this meeting I observed her leaning forward in her chair towards me, with intense interest in what I had to say. Amusingly, she was not nearly as quick witted as normal, she seemed to become more, “distracted,” unable to find paper work she had misplaced on her desk, nor remember what she had just said in regards to the business we were discussing. In short, she was completely relaxed, at ease, and distracted from the business at hand, behavior which for her, is completely “out of character!”

As I had to utilize my laptop computer for information during this meeting, I kept noticing out of the corner of my eye that this young lady was intensely staring at me, at my facial area, as I looked down at my computer. She clearly did not think I noticed her looking at me, as she would look away when I looked up from my screen.

It is important to mention that during my real life testing, I purposely attempted to remain neutral in my behavior, so as not to skew the results. In short, if a person shows interest, I would show none in return, I would be mister all business. This method allowed me to determine that it was in fact the purchasing manager’s behavior that changed, and not my own, with the only wild card factor being that of The Scent of Eros for Men in this particular case.


In all, I conducted 10 field tests on the Scent of Eros for Men, and the observable results were all fairly obvious, documentable, and standard. The Scent of Eros for Men rightfully holds it’s place as the number one human pheromone product for men, and rightfully so.

Note: Had I wished to enhance the response and effectiveness of the Scent of Eros for Men, the perferred weapon of choice would have been to also apply the human pheromone product known as Alpha-7 Scented, a very strong Androstenone sexually based/inducing pheromone product. Alpha-7 Scented will be covered in my next review, as it currently occupies the number two position in my ranking.



The Scent of Eros for Men



Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: #1

Effectiveness Ratio: 8 out of 10 women were observed to clearly respond

Recommended Use : Social lubricator / Ice Breaker

Most Effective Upon: All Women /All Ages

Special Notes/Observations: Enhanced effectiveness/Response from Asian Women / Goes well and compliments Max Attraction, Alpha 7 Scented, Aqua Vitae, and NPA for Men.


Max Attraction: The Real Dirt on the Max Attraction Pheromone Cologne

Max Attraction Gold

Having seen the name Max Attraction floating around the web for years, but having never sampled this pheromone cologne produced by LuvEssentials, I decided to give Max Attraction Gold a go to see how it would stand up against some of the other potent pheromone colognes out there.

Max Attraction by LuvEssentials is by no means new to the world of pheromones, I just had not heard to much about these folks pheromone spray, nor how effective it was, or was not! So I opted to order the top product of LuvEssentials line, the supposedly powerful pheromone spray entitled Max Attraction Gold.

What is Max Attraction Gold?

Max attraction at first glimpse is a quite powerful hybrid pheromone cologne, containing a very large dose of Androstenone, a slightly lesser amount of Androstenol, and small dose of Androsterone, in theory making Max Attraction a strong “sexual attractant,” as well as a slightly less powerful “social icebreaker” pheromone cologne. In other words, this stuff seems to contain the same primary pheromone compounds of the ruthlessly effective Alpha 7 Scented, but with the further addition of Androstenol to boot.

To bring all up to speed on the significance of these pheromone compounds, Androstenone is;

“Androstenone is a human pheromone which the pheromone community refers to basically as a sexually base pheromone.  Androstenone signals those exposed, among other things, dominance, aggression, competition, and is strongly known to be associated and to induce feeling of strong sexual attraction.”

While the Androstenone in Max Attraction (6 mgs) is sufficient to create a strong “sexual attraction” vibe in others, this is further complimented by the inclusion of atleast 1 mg of Androsterone;

“Androsterone is a human pheromone that seems to have the effect of creating an aura of masculinity about the wearer, and signalling an impression of protection, security, and reliability. In other words,  a women exposed to a male wearing Androsterone would most likely view him as an Alpha Male protector type of man who would traditionally take care of her.”

The use of these two pheromone compounds has already been time tested and proven to create very strong results, as so far this mixture is very ‘similar’ to the personal favorite of my arsenal, Alpha 7 Scented. However, Max Attraction then goes one step further, and throws in Androstenol into the whole mix, atleast 3 mgs of Androstenol, slightly less than the 4 mgs of Androstenol contained in another proven pheromone cologne name the Scent of Eros for Men.

Androstenol is referred to as a social pheromone. The effects of being exposed to Androstenol signal the following; a sense of youth and vigor, friendliness, comfort, relaxation, and chattiness. In essence, in this case, a women being exposed to Androstenal would be more likely to become friendly and relaxed, and would feel more at ease to engage in prolonged conversation during the period of exposure, ie.,. a social pheromone…Very beneficial for “breaking the ice,” and freely getting conversations going, especially with strangers.”

Needless to say, seeing such a mixture attempting to utilize all three of these well known pheromone compounds was rather interesting to me, definitely an ambitious undertaking, the only question in my mind was how well these primary compounds were blended together in this mix, and would they then work together in conjunction properly?

Field Test Results for the Max Attraction Gold

Since I initially was not sure how effective Max Attraction was going to be, I opted to test this pheromone cologne over a 6 day period, wearing it during the work day for 5 days, and then while out socially on Friday and Saturday, so as I could asses how Max Attraction would perform in the work environment as well as in the social environment.

My first experience with Max Attraction was on the 1st day of use, a Monday morning. I applied two full sprays of this stuff (1 to each side of the neck), note: time would tell this is too much to start with, but I didn’t know that at the time. Anyhow, I made my ritualistic stop at my local Dunkin Donut Shop to pick up my large cup of coffee while on my way to work, as I tend to do almost every morning.

The Donut shop was being manned by two very cute Asian girls, both probably 15+ years my juniors, but I saw them almost daily (without any incident) while making my morning coffee runs. This morning was a little different though? I walked to the cashier’s station and placed my order as I was looking up at the Menu on the wall, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye these two young ladies looking back and forth at each other while wearing big but rather sly smiles, then the cuter of the two looks at the other and waves her hand to her forehead, as if she is cooling herself? I look down from the menu and see both girls just standing there with big smiles, and eyes wide open as they are looking at me!

Of course, I smile back and hand my debit card to the cashier, who is still maintaining eye contact and wearing a nice smile as she is staring at me, almost like a “Dear In Headlights Look” but she still seems to have some presence of mind, as she was “extra” nice and polite to me throughout the entire encounter…Never got that reaction before from either one of them, so now I’m starting to think maybe this Max Attraction pheromone spray is a winner, which was pleasing after I have sampled so many losers out there on the market.

Anyhow, I broke loose of the Donut shop and made my way into the office, now I would start to get some interesting results. “Presence.” That’s the best word to describe the effect, it was almost like my very presence in the office was immediately enhanced, everyone seemed to take notice and acknowledge my mere presence as soon as I walked in, or close to them, male and female alike!

However, the effect upon males was much different than the females, as the males were not nearly as talkative as they usually were with me, it was almost as if they were respectful, but intimidated by me for some odd reason, and this included my own boss! Many of the females however were either smiling foolishly while staring at me with that same “deer caught in headlights” look, or in a few other cases seemed to be a little interested but nervous around me, and would not speak to me unless I spoke with them, it was a rather weird environment for me to be in actually, fun, but a little weird. These effects pretty much continued through out the rest of the day. Depending upon the individual, I seemed to be inducing intimidation, attraction, and sexual frustration all at once, but most folks would keep there distance, as if they didn’t feel they were worthy to approach me or something!

I learned from this first day of testing Max Attraction, that 2 full generous sprays of this stuff is simply WAY too much to wear, it simply blows people away! So starting on the second day of testing I slapped my hand and forced myself to use only 1 full and generous spray of Max Attraction.

It turned out my lessons from the previous day were correct, 1 spray was a much better starting point! The next morning I revisited Dunkin Donuts for my coffee once again, and was face to face with the same two cute Asian girls working the counter. Again, they were all smiles after I approached, and I got almost continues eye contact from both of them, as they looked back and forth towards each other as if I was some kind of oddity, but this time the clearly had more presence of mind about them and the cuter one tried to engage me in small talk, culminating with her ultimately writing her cell phone number on my debit card receipt and handing it back to me. Of course, I’m flattered by this, but I’m also thinking this gal is at least 15 years younger than I, or perhaps a little more, gonna have to pass!

Anyhow, the results at work, while wearing 1 full spray were much better as well! Much less intimidation, folks seemed more comfortable approaching and talking with me, and I actually lost count of how many sly looks of interest I was getting from female co-workers through out the day, lesson learned again, less is more!

Through the rest of the week the results at work were pretty consistent and similar to the ones described, the results were good, but I could clearly tell that Max Attraction was probably not the best daily use “work”pheromone spray, the stuff is just to powerful for work, it’s a distraction quite frankly.

However, I got a great chance to test Max Attraction while out socially when Friday night came around. I went out to a restaurant/bar I frequent sporadically with a few friends, along with 4 other young ladies who were friends of my friends. I capped myself at still 1 generous full spray of Max Attraction, I wanted to see how much pulling power this stuff really had.

After sitting and ordering drinks and making small talk with some of the ladies that met us there, I could clearly see 2 of the 4 seemed to be responding much more strongly to me, and the Max Attraction, coincidently one was African American and the other was Hispanic, which made sense to me as I have seen such enhanced responses before while wearing Androstenone based pheromone colognes.

To make a long story short, I ended up at a small table sandwiched in between both these young ladies carrying on conversation with both, while observing both seem to be competing for my attention and conversation, although this did take about 10-15 minutes to set in to this degree, but once it did, watch out!

On three different occasions some young dude would come up to my table and try to talk to one of these two girls, and I was totally amused to see them completely ignore the poor guy as they seemed to so focused on me, and our conversation. This scene continued for about a good 1 1/2 hours, when the young Hispanic lady I was chatting with reached in as if to tell me a secret (it was loud in there), but as she cupped my ear I couldn’t hear what she was saying? Oh, of course, because she was licking me and then nibbled on my ear! She then sat back in her chair with a smile, and just stared at me, knowing that she had gotten my full attention…Very soon thereafter the other gal picked up on this I think, and simply got up and walked away to the bar, leaving us to ourselves.

Special Observations on the Max Attraction Gold

From my field testing with Max Attraction I discovered a few things I think are important to note. Primarily dosage is very important when using Max Attraction. One spray is usually more than enough to generate a good response, two sprays or certainly more can easily cause and AndrostenoneOver Dose on Max Attraction, 1 spray is recommended.

Max Attraction being a pheromone spray is very powerful when initially first applied, however it doesn’t last as long as oil based pheromone colognes, therefore you may only get 4-5 hours of use per spray, maximum. As I found out, Max Attraction really doesn’t smell good, experienced pheromone users will be able to detect the -none, rather musky smell to this spray very quickly, but the smell does not seem to effect it’s potency, but still, one will want to use a cover scent.

So far as strong “sexual attractants” go, Max Attraction is not an enhancer, Max Attraction is a sledge hammer! Keep this in mind, work is not the best place for Max Attraction, nor is Church for that matter. Max Attraction is the type of stuff one should get to know how to use if they want to straight pull ladies out of a club, or hit a home run on a first date so to speak, think we all get the idea here…? Max Attraction is not a precision tool folks, it’s blunt hard hitting club! Very effective, but ONLY if used correctly and in the proper setting of course.

Lastly, after I was satisfied with how Max Attraction performed, I then started experimenting with adding some additional pheromone colognes along with it. Food for thought, the best pheromone cologne that I found that could, and probably should be used along with Max Attraction was the Scent of Eros for Men! Plain and simple, the Scent of Eros acted as a great smelling cover scent, and more importantly the high Androstenol content of SOE combined very well with Max Attraction to some what subdue the more ‘harsh’ effects/responses generated by Max Attractions high Androstenone count, in other words, much less intimidation and much more friendly, talkative sexual attraction was the result….Overall, this is powerful stuff, and in the hands of an experienced pheromone user, dangerous!

Max Attraction Gold

Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: #2

Effectiveness Ratio: 8 out of 10 women were observed to clearly respond.

Recommended Use : Very Strong Sexual Attractant

Most Effective Upon: Women

Special Notes/Observations: Enhanced initial effectiveness – African American & Hispanic Women / Complimented by the Scent of Eros for Men, Certo for Men, or Beaches by Michael Vie.

Aqua Vitae: The Aqua Vitae Pheromone Cologne Put to the Test

Aqua Vitae Pheromone Cologne

After using the Aqua Vitae Pheromone Cologne but one time, I had to wonder who the mad genius was that could create such powerful pheromones, and why I had not heard much about him!

I did some quick research and learned that Aqua Vitae is produced by a relatively new and little heard of company called Liquid Alchemy Labs, founded by Garry Nelson. This Hawaii based perfumery has apparently been dabbling in pheromones for a few years now, with little to NO fanfare!

Perhaps those that have used his products wished to keep their new secret weapon all to themselves? It would be hard for me to blame them, Aqua Vitae is a powerful weapon among pheromone colognes!

Now, let me just quickly say this about the pheromone industry, or specifically the practice of marketing within the pheromone industry, it’s dangerous! The reason why I started this blog back in 2008 was because I  could find little credible information regarding pheromones on the web, and I quite frankly got fed up after reading those multitude of scam review sites out there pimping, for lack of a better word, CRAP!

Some of these scams have become much more sophisticated as the years have gone by now, just take a look at Pherazone for an example of this! A hardcore marketer owns and sells Pherazone, he has created by current count over a dozen bogus review sites to pimp Pherazone as it’s number one product, which will in turn generate a great number of unhappy folks out there when they realize they have wasted nearly a $100 bucks on a sub-standard product!

But yet, as of this date, October 25, 2010, I have not found one other review on the web of Aqua Vitae? Not one! And Aqua Vitae is a quality product that works, this stuff is no joke!

So why do I point this out? Watch! After this review is published here, you will most likely see a whole train of scam review sites publishing reviews on Aqua Vitae, out of nowhere! Most likely trying to convince inexperienced folks that stuff like Pherazone, for instance, is some good stuff, and Aqua Vitae just didn’t measure up! And I will sit here and shake my head and laugh…You’ve all been warned…Be careful out there!

My Rant is over!

So, what is the Aqua Vitae Pheromone Cologne? Aqua Vitae appears to be a very high quality, well blended Androstenone based pheromone cologne, which includes a proprietary blend of 6 additional pheromone compounds utilized to support the primary mission of Androstenone, to be a powerful sexual attractant!

Now, keep in mind that Liquid Alchemy Labs simply does not reveal what the exact ingredients are mixed into any of their pheromone colognes, as they freely say on their site, for one simple reason, they don’t particularly want competitors coming along and ripping off their formulas, I can respect that! Not to mention it is quickly becoming the rule, rather than the exception when it comes to such disclosures.

However, the truth simply put is, that a pheromone enthusiast such as myself can easily use a product and simply figure out what’s inside based upon the reactions he is able to observe from others, it’s not really hard when you have a handle on what these pheromone compounds tend to do! The Big Daddy of the Aqua Vitae mixture is clearly well buffered Androstenone;

“Androstenone is a human pheromone which the pheromone community refers to basically as a sexually base pheromone.  Androstenone signals those exposed, among other things, dominance, aggression, competition, and is strongly known to be associated with, and to induce feeling of strong sexual attraction.”

So what is Aqua Vitae designed to do? Without question Aqua Vitae is designed to be a potent “sexual attractant” which projects a very strong Alpha Male type vibe to those around the wearer, leading others to view the wearer with enhanced feelings of dominance, influence, respect, higher social status, and yes, sexual attraction.

The closest comparison that I can come to when describing Aqua Vitae, it’s what I would imagine Alpha A314 to be if it was on crack!!! Seriously, the type of results that I’ve seen from Aqua Vitae are very similar to those fond nights in which I applied a good two doses of Alpha A314 along with a generous dose of Alpha 7! If you can imagine that? It’s a powerful trick combo projecting huge amounts of respect, status and sexual attraction, but Aqua Vitae seems to do this well on it’s own.

Intimidation? Yes, if you have ever worn both Alpha A314 and Alpha 7 at once, you will understand that there is often a huge intimidation factor present. Therefore, while wearing Aqua Vitae, you will also experience a rather substantial intimidation factor, especially around younger females. More on how to get around this intimidation factor later…

Field Test Results for Aqua Vitae Pheromone Cologne

My first field test with Aqua Vitae was actually a complete accident! What do I mean? Well, I didn’t order this stuff myself, and didn’t know much about Liquid Alchemy Labs at all months ago, but my good friend and neigbhor did! Apparently, this guy had stumbled onto Liquid Alchemy and ordered a bottle of Aqua Vitae himself.

He knew about my little hobby here, and approached me as I was leaving to go out for a quick jog. He quickly asked me if I knew anything about Aqua Vitae, to which I replied that I did not at that time, so he gave me “his” bottle of the stuff and told me to give it a try, as he was curious as to what my take on it might be. I happily accepted his half empty bottle of Aqua Vitae and asked him if it was doing “anything” for him? He gave me the huge grin and then started shaking his head and laughing, then told me, “Yeah! It’s definitely doing something for me!” Sounded encouraging, so I pocketed his bottle and left for my jog!

It was about 9:30pm when I just finished my 3 mile jog, and it kicked my butt! I was hot, kinda sweaty, and winded as I stumbled back to my car…When I reached my ride I of course decided I needed a smoke after all that exercise! Yes, I have my vices. But then I spotted something of interest, a very beautiful girl talking on her cell phone and having a smoke, parked about 10 cars down from mine!

I quickly toweled off my perspiration and grabbed that bottle of Aqua Vitae I had taken with me. I quickly applied a 3″ strip to each side of my neck and then grabbed a smoke. I decided that it would be best if I conveniently  forgot my lighter, so I walked towards the beautiful girl on the cell phone.

As I got closer I could tell this lady worked out a lot, despite her smoking habit, she had a figure to die for and probably knew it! I politely interrupted her cell phone call between her and her BFF or something, and asked if she would happen to have a light?  At this point, I’m now face to face with what has turned out to be a truly gorgeous 21-22 year old college student, well above average in the looks department, and I’m kind of wondering how this was going to go over?

She looks over at me and briefly smiles, and says “sure, no problem here you go!” As I slowly stand beside her trying to light up in the wind, I see from the corner of my eye that she is staring at me intensely, as in not even blinking!

At that point, I thought to myself well it’s like nearly 10pm at night, she probably thinks I’m gonna rob her or something, best to abort. So I finish with her lighter and hand it back to her saying, “Thanks, You’re a real lifesaver!” I then smile and turn to walk away…

She kind of shrieked, “WAIT!” Actually startled me! I turned around and said, “yeah?” To which she blurts out, “Is that all? You’re leaving??” Still staring at me like a “deer caught in the headlights,” and unblinking, it was now becoming rather amusing!

So I popped the question, and asked her how she was doing and introduced myself! After about a 45 minute conversation with this lady, 17 years my junior, we end up relocating to a little Pub not far from the jogging trail and talked over drinks for the next 3 hours…What a night! One of those nights where you keep asking yourself, why is this girl still here? But she was!

Needless to say, I was given her cell phone number, and had three follow-up dates with her over the course of a week, each time wearing Aqua Vitae, each subsequent date was a rather intense, educational, and high mileage affair to say the least! No, Aqua Vitae did not disappoint!

I actually did ask this young beauty why she felt she wanted to talk with me that night down at the jogging trail, and why she didn’t just let me walk away? She simply told me because “You’re a Man, I mean like a REAL man! I know it doesn’t make sense!” That was the most articulate answer I could get out of this college student. But as my friend had told ME about Aqua Vitae, “Yeah! It’s definitely doing something for me!”

Yeah, thanks! I see that now!

Needless to say, I continued to play with Aqua Vitae for about 3 more weeks after this initial encounter, and it’s potent stuff, clearly a quality Alpha Male vibe producing mixture. However, back to the issue of intimidation briefly!

With my first field test intimidation was not a real issue, my guess is she was just blown away by the whole sexual attraction element of the mixture. However, as I continued to wear Aqua Vitae in other settings, I did come to notice the very real intimidation factor.

There are two easy ways around the intimidation factor, as is usually the case. The wearer must either go out of his way to simply behave in a friendly, approachable, and inviting manner to break the ice so to speak with ladies, especially the younger ladies! Or, the wearer should simply use a very potent “ice breaker” or “social pheromone” to further compliment and buffer against the intimidation generated by Aqua Vitae.

Personally, I eventually opted to wear Aqua Vitae alongside two other potent “social lubricators,” the Scent of Eros and/or Beaches, so that I could get the best of both worlds, potent sexual attraction minus the intimidation, worked like a charm. I can definitely say that I will be have a long love affair with Aqua Vitae!

Aqua Vitae Pheromone Cologne

Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: 3

Effectiveness Ratio: 9 out of 11 women were observed to clearly respond.

Recommended Use : Very Strong Sexual Attractant

Most Effective Upon: Women

Special Notes/Observations: Enhanced initial effectiveness – African American & Hispanic Women

Alpha-7 Scented: Alpha-7 Scented Reviewed

Alpha-7 Scented for Men

Alpha-7 Scented for Men produced by KZI has risen to become my number #4 overall pick concerning pheromone products for men. Alpha-7 Scented is a very unique, pleasant smelling, and ruthlessly effective pheromone product which has remained over looked in the past, at least until I conducted my own actual field tests comparing the results against a number of other pheromone products.

Alpha-7 Scented contains 40% more overall pheromone content then the previous big dog, Primal Instinct. It contains a unique and powerful blend including but not limited to 6mg of Androstenone, and 1mg of Androsterone.

Remember Androstenone?

“Androstenone is a human pheromone which the pheromone community refers to basically as a sexually base pheromone.  Androstenone signals those exposed, among other things, dominance, aggression, competition, and is strongly known to be associated and to induce feeling of strong sexual attraction.”

Remember Androsterone?

“Androsterone is a human pheromone that seems to have the effect of creating an aura of masculinity about the wearer, and signalling an impression of protection, security, and reliability. In other words,  a women exposed to a male wearing Androsterone would most likely view him as an Alpha Male protector type of man who would traditionally take care of her.”

Alpha-7 Scented contains the necessary blend of human pheromones to induce the above results, but apparently not so much of either to easily induce many of the negative results such as;

  • Headaches
  • Bad smelling applications
  • Aggression from other members of the same sex
  • An aggressive mood in the wearer
  • Members of the opposite sex to be overly intimidated, leading to no or even negative reactions.


The negative reactions listed above are symptomatic of an Androstenone over dose, as it is often referred to, and can become a major negative factor when using many strong pheromone products, however, Alpha-7 Scented has seemed to have found a way around this unpleasantness with their unique and frankly, more complex human pheromone blend.

Make no mistake about it, unlike the Scent of Eros for Men, which is a social lubricating human pheromone for men, Alpha-7 Scented is a “higher value” and “strong sexual attraction” based pheromone product, which is precisely why the Scent of Eros for Men and Alpha-7 Scented compliment each other so well, and tend to produce, frankly, unbelievable results when worn together at times.

The Field Test Results for Alpha-7 Scented

The day I decided to evaluate and test Alpha-7 Scented, I was scheduled to make a sales call with the operations manager of a very large business my employer wished to establish a business relationship with. This operations manager is a women in her late thirties, married, and of average looks, much like myself.

This lady is known to be a tough negotiator, with little patience nor time to meet with anyone for a sales call! Most folks only survive a few minutes in her office before she quickly ends the meeting!

After walking into her office and introducing myself, she promptly informs me how busy she is and how little time she has for me at the moment, suggesting perhaps I return sometime next month!

I did some fast talking and took a seat…After about two minutes in her office I observed a subtle change come over her. This iron lady of operations management became much more calm and relaxed, followed by a distinct slowing in her speech pattern, and lowering of volume.

she then smiled and pushed the work on her desk to the side, and put her phone on “busy!” I took the cue, and started going into my sales pitch. The entire time she sat behind her desk calmly, smiling, and staring into my eyes as I spoke to her.

45 minutes into the meeting with this operations manager, one of her subordinates walked in to speak with her, a twenty something young lady who happened to be very attractive. This young lady walked in to schedule a sit down with the operations manager to discuss her performance evaluation, apparently she was not satisfied with it. However, while speaking to the big boss she kept looking intensely at me, wide eyed and smiling.

The operations manager clearly seemed to become annoyed by the intrusion, more so because this young lady simply would not leave! She kept asking the same questions over and over again, and asking for clarifications upon the answers she received from her boss, the whole time still intensely staring in my direction. It clearly became a contest of who gets to be around the sales rep! Needless to say, the big boss eventually raised her voice and won the contest.

lone again with the operations manager. I had now been in this meeting for about an hour and a half! Discussion turned personal, all about her and then, her asking all about me! She had returned to her calm and soft spoken demeanor. At the two hour mark I finally had to actively end the meeting myself, as I politely excused myself, while assuring her I would be back to follow-up next week, she grabbed my hand as if to shake it, but did not let go! She looks in me in the eye and tells me she was “truly, very, very happy that you stopped by today!” I then quickly departed from her office.

Folks, this is not how sales calls with tough negotiators usually go, period! The observations derived from my human pheromone review of Alpha-7 Scented, during this encounter were fairly clear. The only factor that varied was the length of time before each of the two women involved seemed to respond to the pheromone product.

In all, I have lost track of the number of field tests I conducted utilizing Alpha-7 Scented, as frankly the results can be so amusing it becomes rather addictive you use. This narrative is based upon my 1st test of Alpha-7 Scented, nearly all tests that followed tended to follow similar patterns.

I must note however, that Alpha-7 Scented, as it contains Androstenone, does have it’s quirks. The younger members of the opposite sex, say about 25 years old or below, may start out being slightly intimidated by the wearer, attracted, but intimidated. While on the other hand, older women, especially in the 30+ range were all noticeably much more responsive immediately.

As I experimented with Alpha-7 Scented, what I realized is that do to the Adrostenone, and it’s effect on younger women, the wearer must simply become pro-active, as in initiate conversation first to help break the ice, and at that point things would tend to flow very well. That best example I can use to relate the effects of Alpha-7 Scented on younger women, is liken to an average guy being in the presence of their high school prom queen. The average guy might not have the guts to approach her, not seriously, he might be a little intimidated? Well, with Alpha-7 Scented that’s how these younger members of the opposite sex seem to view the wearer!

But imagine how interesting things can be when you make the approach and speak to them, it’s almost like they’re honored that the wearer would speak to them! It’s actually a rather amusing effect of this product.

For these reasons, Alpha-7 Scented has risen to my undisputed number #4 position, among the overall pheromone products for men.


Alpha-7 Scented for Men



Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: #4

Effectiveness Ratio: 7 out of 10 women were observed to clearly respond

Recommended Use : Higher Value/Respect from both Sexes/Strong Sexual Attractant

Most Effective Upon: All Women /All Ages – Enhanced “initial” Response from 28+

Special Notes/Observations: Enhanced effectiveness/Response from Latina and Black Women

Nude Alpha: Flirting with the Nude Alpha Pheromone Cologne

Nude Alpha for Men

It appears as if Liquid Alchemy Labs, the creators of Aqua Vitae have done it again! Garry Nelson’s Hawaii based perfumery has designed a powerful pheromone cologne by request from, and created for, “experienced pheromone enthusiasts”…This specialized brew is called Nude Alpha for Men.

Well, lets just say this stuff ain’t your Grand Daddy’s Old Spice! Nude Alpha is essentially an enhanced version of Nude, the original well regarded cologne produced by Liquid Alchemy. From my 5 weeks of use, I can so far say that Nude Alpha packs one hell of a punch, this blend will emerge to be a real contender, of that I’m quite sure!

Now, as was the case with Aqua Vitae, Liquid Alchemy still is very tight lipped regarding the specific ingredients contained within all their pheromone products. They are clearly on to something in my view, and simply do not wish to expose their blend to competing labs, which makes perfect sense to me. However, after a certain amount of prolonged use of Nude Alpha, a half way competent pheromone enthusiast can definitely determine which pheromone compounds are being utilized simply by reading the reactions of others around him.

So what is Nude Alpha for Men? In my estimation Nude Alpha is a highly effective, very well balanced hybrid pheromone cologne. It tends to behave like an strong social lubricator that has also included a healthy dose of pure Alpha Male generated “sexual attraction.” So in this respect, it’s almost as if the wearer has combined the Scent of Eros with perhaps something like Alfa Maschio…This is admittedly an imperfect comparison of course, but it is pretty close!

What I found very interesting about Nude Alpha, was that it was created to perform well not only for older males (whom it works very well for), but also younger males with higher testosterone levels, as well as Asian males, who tend to pump out lower levels of pheromones naturally. The ability to work well for a broader spectrum of males is a clear advantage to blending a potent “social lubricating sexual attractant,” which is what Nude Alpha really is.

Why? Because the use of higher levels of Androstenone can be a tad bit unpredictable for some men, as dosage levels vary individually, which is why I have observed that even those males who might have had a frustrating time correctly dosing something like Aqua Vitae, are suddenly able to do just fine with Nude Alpha, because “social” pheromones are much easier to dose for nearly all males, even though this one includes enough Androstenone to make the vibe very sexual, but not ‘so’ much as to risk serious intimidation or over dose. Making Nude Alpha in net effect, a near perfect easily dosed daily wear pheromone cologne.

So how well did Nude Alpha perform?

Having field tested Nude Alpha for approximately five weeks, and generated more ‘hits’ then one can shake a stick at, I can say that Nude Alpha overall performed very well!

Self Affects?

Yes, I did notice that while wearing Nude Alpha my overall mood was uplifted to a moderate degree. I definitely felt more Alpha in my demeanor, but at the same time felt more open and social as well. It was almost as if I was usually in a good mood and wanting to chat with folks, but still felt and behaved to a degree as if I was the Alpha dog among groups I was interacting with…This was a rather pleasant self affect, no complaints here.

What kind of vibe did Nude Alpha seem to induce?

Judging by the reactions I’ve gotten while out socially, or while in the work place, Nude Alpha seems to project a vibe saying “I’m an Alpha male looking to party, and of course I will be the center of attention!”

Nude Alpha is so well balanced that other males will tend to be much more respectful towards the wearer, but not overly intimidated by the wearer, as if I were wearing NPA for instance. Guys typically interacted with me as if I was that fun guy who they wanted to be around and talk to, but was also the Alpha male of the group…Respect!

Women to a stronger degree seem to respond in a similar manner, they definitely viewed me in a strong sexual light, gave me that Alpha male kind of respect, but also seemed to behave as if I was a really interesting and fun to be around Alpha dog. Make no mistake, this vibe is not just ‘social,’ it is also very sexual! As I learned the first time I briefly rubbed the upper back of a female acquaintance at a pub to comfort her, and then found her immediately moving in for a hug and snuggling up against me for a little bit, too long!

However, incidents such as the above were not at all uncommon while field testing Nude Alpha, while in a group you are just the MAN! That fun, hedonistic alpha dog that both men and women seem to want to be around! The results were fairly uniform throughout my 5 weeks of testing, it is  without a doubt one of the better “social/sexual” concoctions available in a single bottle…Period!

Nude Alpha for Men


Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: 5

Effectiveness Ratio: 19 out of 22 women were observed to clearly respond.

Recommended Use : Very Strong Hybrid – Sexual Attractant & Social Lubricator.

Most Effective Upon: All Women/ All Ages.

Special Notes/Observations: Specially designed for optimal use by “older” gentlemen, Asian males, as well as younger males with higher testosterone levels (18-25), in addition to males looking to attract Asian women. Making Nude Alpha extremely versatile….Nude Alpha is also an Unscented pheromone cologne, therefore is best worn with a cover scent.


Alfa Maschio: A Human Pheromone Review of the Alfa Maschio for Men Pheromone Cologne

Alfa Maschio

Alfa Maschio for Men is a  new comer to the stage in the world of pheromone colognes, produced by a new American based company called Alfa Dream. Due to the fact that Alfa Dream is a new player in the pheromone industry, and by in large their product line is pretty much untested and unproven, I was initially skeptical towards their product line. However, after testing their most potent pheromone cologne, Alfa Maschio, I’m thoroughly convinced that these folks are definitely on to something!

Alfa Maschio comes in four unique scents, Unscented, Blended Musk, Cush Sandalwood, and Indian Patchouli. I personally opted for the Cush Sandalwood, but the actual scent or lack of scent does not effect the actual results any pheromone cologne delivers, what matters is what’s inside.

So what is inside Alfa Maschio for Men? Alfa Dream has opted not to completely disclose the ingredients of it’s pheromone colognes, which is getting to be the norm these days, I can’t blame them for not wanting to disclose all their trade secrets. Anyhow, Alfa Maschio does contain the “usual suspects,” the tried and tested pheromone compounds that are known to elicit responses. Those being specifically, Androstenone, Androsterone, and of course Alpha Androstenol, among others of course but these three are clearly the “work horses” of their mixture.

Once again, for those new to pheromone terminology, in a nutshell the usual suspects mentioned above are known to induce the following responses…

Androstenone is a known pheromone compound defined as follows;

“Androstenone is a human pheromone which the pheromone community refers to basically as a sexually based pheromone.  Androstenone signals to those exposed, among other things, dominance, aggression, competition, and is strongly known to be associated with, and to induce feelings of strong sexual attraction.”

It took me about one field test with Alfa Maschio to detect that this pheromone cologne is quite heavy with Androstenone, I would dare say Androstenone is most likely its most heavy ingredient!

However, Alfa Maschio showed itself to be a rather well blended pheromone cologne, with it’s inclusion of Androsterone and Alpha Androstenol, perhaps used to in part  buffer the strong effects of the Androstenone.

Androsterone being a known pheromone compound which tends to signal to others the following;

“Androsterone is a human pheromone that seems to have the effect of creating an aura of masculinity about the wearer, and signalling an impression of protection, security, and reliability… “

In addition to the compounding effects of Androstenone and Androsterone, the primary buffering compound of Alpha Androstenol has been included to some what “calm” the effects of the more aggressive compounds.

The pheromone compound used to balance this mixture is clearly Androstenol, or in this case specifically Alpha Androstenol.

“Androstenol is a human pheromone which pheromone enthusiasts have come to refer to as a social pheromone. The effects of being exposed to Androstenol signal the following; an sense of youth and vigor, friendliness, comfort, relaxation, and chattiness. In essence, in this case, a women being exposed to Androstenol would be more likely to become friendly and relaxed, and would feel more at ease to engage in prolonged conversation during the period of exposure, ie.,. a social pheromone, great for “breaking the ice,” and freely getting conversations going, especially with strangers.”

I must mention, even though Alfa Maschio does contain a number of different pheromone compounds, there is no mistaking the fact that this is a “strong” Androstenone powered pheromone cologne, don’t be fooled and use it accordingly!

So is Alfa Maschio for Men good, or not?

In a word, yes! Thanks to the folks at Alfa Dream, with a little further testing, I may have to reorder my rankings. Alfa Maschio has proven itself worthy of a spot at least within the top 5 of pheromone colognes thus far. My initial impressions so far would probably rank Alfa Maschio right below Alpha 7 Scented, but directly above A314, the stuff is that powerful! As Alfa Maschio seems to work more like a buffered version of NPA for Men in its initial response.

However, despite the various marketing claims concerning Alfa Maschio, one must understand it is a specific use pheromone cologne, it is certainly not an all purpose daily wear cologne. Alfa Maschio is very strong on the Androstenone, despite the efforts to buffer it, one will get best results by applying less of this stuff then recommend, perhaps starting with two generous sprays, observing and then working up from there.

I personally found it very easy to Over Dose on Alfa Maschio when I used higher amounts of this spray, and I don’t Over Dose easily at all! Also, keep in mind that Alfa Maschio, despite it’s advertising did not seem to last nearly as long as billed. Typically, I found my sweet spot to be between 3-4 hours of effectiveness per application, not as long lasting as some other oil based pheromone colognes such as Alpha 7 Scented or A314.

However, during the period in which my dosage was correct (low), and during hours 1-4, the results were simply, great! This is not the type of pheromone cologne you want to wear to work every day folks, too much Androstenone for that. Reach for Alfa Maschio when you want to go to a crowded night club, bar, even the gym or a strip club if you are so inclined…Alfa Maschio seems to project a hyper Alpha Male pheromone signature, and there is nothing “smooth” about it at all.

To be perfectly blunt, I would use Alfa Maschio if out on the prowl for an aggressive, strong, self assured Alpha Female type, or a lady the was simply looking for an immediate good time. I would not spray on Alfa Maschio if out hunting for the next girlfriend or wife, because you probably won’t end up with that kind of girl, if you know what I mean.

Special Note: After my initial field testing of Alfa Maschio, I did test it alongside both Alpha 7 Scented as well as NPA for Men. The NPA for Men was a little too much when worn with Alfa Maschio, the effect was effective, but what can only be described as, sleezy!

The results I got when worn alongside Alpha 7 Scented, one of my long time tried and tested favorites, was very worthwhile to say the least, such a combo has to be experienced, I won’t ruin anyones fun, it needs to be experienced for oneself though, just stick with lower dosages of both, no more than two applications of each, you’ll quickly understand why Alfa Maschio has now been added to my personal collection.

Alfa Maschio for Men


Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: #6

Effectiveness Ratio: 8 out of 10 women were observed to clearly respond.

Recommended Use : Strong Sexual Attractant. Social settings primarily.

Most Effective Upon: Women (25+) Unless buffered or used in lower quantity.

Special Notes/Observations: Enhanced initial effectiveness/African American and Hispanic Women.

Pheromax for Men: A Hard Look at Pheromax for Men Pheromone Cologne

Pheromax for Men Review

Pheromax for Men is a German designed pheromone cologne which has been long over looked in North America. Among those familiar with the Pheromax brand, it has long carried much respect and has become synonymous with “quality.”Pheromax for Men is rather potent, well balanced, and provides a quality pheromone experience.Although I don’t particularly like maintaining my German made car, I have to hand it to them in the design and production of quality Pheromone products.

As a quick side note, Pheromax also is the producer of the long standing, tried and tested pheromone perfume, known obviously as Pheromax for Women! I have seen and experienced the women’s product at work, and it works with brutal efficiency, but this field testing phase was my first experience with Pheromax for Men, once again they were right on the money.

To my knowledge Pheromax for Men is not a heavily marketed pheromone cologne, which I see as a good sign, as in many cases, but not all, a pheromone cologne that requires little marketing simply performs “very well,” and therefore does not need the help of various marketing gurus lurking out there, so my initial impression of Pheromax for Men was good on that note.

As I briefly examined the primary ingredients contained in Pheromax for Men, I was pleased to see the inclusion of two old familiar friends, Androstenone and Androstenol. These two pheromone compounds are well known, identified, and their capabilities are rather well known these days, their inclusion as primary ingredients can also tell a prospective wearer basically what to expect when using the pheromone cologne upfront, which I like.

For those who are not familiar with these rather standard pheromone compounds, in short,

Androstenone is known to induce the following;

“Androstenone is a human pheromone which the pheromone community refers to basically as a sexually based pheromone.  Androstenone signals to those exposed, among other things, dominance, aggression, competition, and is strongly known to be associated with, and to induce feelings of strong sexual attraction.”

Pheromax for Men is known to contain at least 3 Mgs of the pheromone compound Androstenone, for comparison purposes this is about half the quantity of Androstenone contained in my long time favorite, Alpha 7 Scented, which contains 6 Mgs of Androstenone, but still out doses another oldie but goodie Alter Ego for Men, which only contains 2 Mgs of Androstenone.

So what does this mean? In short, Pheromax has apparently included enough Androstenone to generate what I refer to as the whole “sexual attraction” vibe, but has pulled back a little bit so the wearer will not be in much real danger of experiencing any sort of Androstenone Over Dose…This is a good thing!

The next major ingredient included in Pheromax for Men is that of Androstenol, whose affects are widely known at this time;

“Androstenol is a human pheromone which pheromone enthusiasts have come to refer to as a social pheromone. The effects of being exposed to Androstenol signal the following; an sense of youth and vigor, friendliness, comfort, relaxation, and chattiness. In essence, in this case, a women being exposed to Androstenal would be more likely to become friendly and relaxed, and would feel more at ease to engage in prolonged conversation during the period of exposure, ie.,. a social pheromone. Which appeared to be great for “breaking the ice,” and freely getting conversations going, especially with strangers.”

Pheromax for Men uses approximately 2 Mgs of Androstenol within it’s effective mixture. Again, for comparison purposes only, this puts Pheromax for Men a tad ahead of something like Alter Ego for Men which contains 1.5 Mgs of Androstenol, but well behind the Cadillac of Icebreakerpheromones for men, The Scent of Eros for Men, which contains 4 Mgs of Androstenol!

Even without knowing what other proprietary blends are used in Pheromax for Men, the 3 Mgs/Androstenone and 2 Mgs/Androstenol combo is pretty telling in and of itself.  I fully expected to experience a pheromone cologne capable of giving me “sexual attention,” and one that would aid me in breaking the ice and keeping conversation flowing rather nicely, while observing the slow increase in sexual attraction that came along with prolonged exposure….Was I right? Lets see.

Field Test Results for Pheromax for Men

In all I conducted 14 field tests with Pheromax for Men, making sure that I tried a variety of dosage levels (usually between 2 and 5 at the maximum), in both social and professional settings to test it’s effects and capabilities.  Quick aside, you will want to use Pheromax for Men with a cover scent folks, it’s a necessity, personally I used Eternity for Men, but that’s just me, any suitable cover scent will do, including even another scented pheromone cologne.

The most telling and significant field test I conducted with Pheromax for Men was actually my 2nd field test with this stuff. I had applied one application behind each ear and one to my throat area, so three applications in total. After waiting for the Pheromax to dry a little, about 2-3 minutes or so, and then I applied my cover scent right on top of the Pheromax for Men application dry spots behind each ear also.

I then departed home to meet up with a co-worker, and two of her girlfriends, as we agreed to meet at a nice restaurant for some drinks and conversation, this was not a date of any kind, but since two girls who I did not know were accompanying my co-worker, I thought it would be a good time to test Pheromax again, not to mention my co-worker mentioned that her two tag along girlfriends were rather shy, so we would have plenty of time to discuss things among ourselves anyhow.

About ten minutes later I find myself at the establishment and these three young ladies are waiting outside in front. We make our greetings and head inside to grab a small table over in the bar area, I’m now flanked by two new girls I had just met and my co-worker is  sitting across from me at this small table.

I quickly tried making some small talk with each of the two new young ladies sitting to each side of me, they were pleasant enough but not to talkative at all, so I started talking with my co-worker about what else, work!

Well, this lasted for only about 3-4 minutes, and then both of the two shy tag along girls seemed to slowly come alive directed at me of course and not their girlfriend. Within about five minutes, we still didn’t have our drinks yet, I had two attractive young ladies sitting at either side of me, looking at me attentively as if I was speaking words of wisdom or something, which I was most certainly not.

It was a little odd at first, these two girls went from being quiet and shy, to being unable to break eye contact with me, and increasingly chatting away more and more with me within a span of about 5-6 minutes, tops! I’m thinking this is pretty good for any pheromone cologne at this point. So of course I started actively chatting back with both of them, shifting my full attention, and eye contact to one, and then back to the other, almost getting wip lash in the process do to the awkward seating arrangement.

Needless to say, after the drinks and appetizers arrived the situation only intensified, however I noticed my co-worker was getting a tad bit annoyed, I’m guessing because her two friends had their full attention on conversation with me and she was now sitting there like a 3rd, or in this case a 4th wheel. I’m pretty darn sure that my co-workers two friends did not notice her displeasure ironically, as they were so fixated on conversation with me! And my conversation is really not that interesting folks, I’ll even admit that!

This scene went on for a good half hour, I will confess I was starting to enjoy it a little, but I was by no means flirting with either young lady, as I don’t generally do so when I’m testing a pheromone cologne so I can get some accurate behavioral indicators generated only by the pheromone cologne in question.

Well, right around the half hour mark, actually about 27 minutes to be exact, the young lady sitting to my left who was also the most vocal now finally decided to acknowledge the fact that her drink had been sitting on the table for awhile now, and need to sample it, most likely do to a dry throat from talking so much. So I turn and respond to an onslaught of chatty questions from the young lady on my right, that didn’t work well as the other gal who while still taking a sip of her drink, reaches under the table and grabs my inner thigh, a little bit high up too, in her effort to have me return my attention to her and our previously on going conversation!

No problem, I continue the conversation with the girl on my left, except her hand on my thigh is not moving, it’s now caressing as she is giving me full and intense eye contact as we start chatting away again!

As far as I was concerned, field test over! Three minutes or so to induce chattiness and followed by overt sexual contact in under thirty minutes? All from a shy young lady who was barely speaking to me until she sat next to me, and my Pheromax aura close enough to breath in I’m sure a very healthy dose! The stuff did it’s job, because it sure wasn’t  my boring conversation or complete lack of flirting, of that I’m sure.

Special Observations Regarding Pheromax for Men:

Pheromax for Men is well balanced and can be used in both social and professional settings. It is not over bearing to the degree that it will tend to cause any major problems in the work place, nor did I observe any negative reactions from Males worth mention.

However, Pheromax for Men is most definitely a combo that strives to be both a “social lubricator,” as well as a moderate strength “sexual attractant,” and therefore the wearer should be well aware of the type of “vibe” they will be sending to others “unconsciously.”

Although I found Pheromax‘s performance to be both consistent and reliable, it is not much like either Alpha-7 or A314, I didn’t really notice that nice “James Bond” effect to be perceived by others as much as I would have hoped, as Pheromax seemed to be more “sexual” as opposed to“smooth” in the vibe it sends to others.

Overall, Pheromax for Men is a very fine pheromone cologne, and good for daily use. I’m quite sure it’s base affects would be easily enhanced if used in conjunction with other pheromone colognes as well, such as Alpha 7, A314, or NPA for Men to name but a few.

Pheromax for Men

Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: #7

Effectiveness Ratio: 12 out of 15 women were observed to clearly respond

Recommended Use :   Social lubricator / Ice Breaker / Sexual Attractant

Most Effective Upon: All Women /All Ages

Special Notes/Observations: “Sexual” hits and enhanced social lubrication, mild enough for use in social as well as professional settings.

Liquid Trust: A Human Pheromone Review of Liquid Trust

Liquid Trust
Liquid Trust produced by Vero Labs has settled into the number #8 overall pick, within the pheromone for men and women genre.

Liquid Trust itself is not actually a pheromone product per se, it is actually a spray which contains the human hormone known as Oxytocin, however because of it’s effects it is often lumped into the whole pheromone spray genre.

Liquid Trust does not have a real pleasing scent, nor a real bad one, typically it will carry a mild alcohol odor when first applied, however this odor quickly dissipates within a few minutes after application. As far as I can tell, Oxytocin has no real discernible odor.

What is Oxytocin? Oxytocin is a human hormone that scientists have been able to determine plays a role in increasing people’s levels of trust in others, formation of social bonds and friendships, as well as having a role in treating depression, shyness, and other social disorders and phobias. In short, Oxytocin is the hormone that when inhaled induces folks to simply trust you more!

For a “rather” accurate video concerning Liquid Trust, and an explanation of Oxytocin, feel free to watch the brief video below, it’s a little interesting.



The Field Test Results for Liquid Trust


On one testing occasion, as I work in outside business to business sales, I was scheduled to meet with a potential clients purchasing manager. Prior to walking into her office I made a quick stop into the restroom, and applied four sprays of Liquid Trust, two sprays to the side of the neck, and one spray to each wrist.

Immediately after application, I had a slight euphoric feeling come over me, as I had clearly inhaled some of the product, and felt myself possibly responding to the oxytocin contained therein, I can only describe the feeling that came over me as calming, but self-assured, if that makes any sense?

I then walked into this purchasing manager’s office and introduced myself. She was a rather attractive young lady in her late twenties, with a large engagement ring on her finger! I thought, this should be interesting…

After introductions were made, barely two to three minutes into our meeting, I could observe some affect coming over her. Her face got flush, and a little red, and her mood relaxed and lightened dramatically, she simply seemed to ‘open up’ to me more, as if I was a long lost friend from school, rather than a sales representative there on business, she became genuinely happy to have me there!

As time passed we started discussing our personal lives, she much more than I truth be told, in which she felt the need to confess to me that she had already cheated on her fiance and was terrified that he would find out, as she cheated because her hubby to be, just could not satisfy her in the bedroom! I was thinking, to much information lady, but she felt comfortable continuing!

Without the graphic details of course, she continued along this line of discussion for nearly 90 minutes, as if I was someone who was a close confidant, this was the first time I had ever met her! This type of sales call usually lasts twenty minutes tops! After 90 minutes I had to sway our discussion to business, the reason why I was there to begin with, and she truly seemed disappointed to change the subject away from the personal genre. Ironically, we concluded our business within about five to ten minutes, she agreed to terms of my company’s contract, and said she would ok it and send it for a signature, then quickly returned to our personal discussion…She did not even read the contract! I was trying to suppress hysterical laughter at this point. This was not a hard sale.

In conclusion, I have found having tested Liquid Trust on ten separate occasions over three months, that this is a truly powerful oxytocin based pheromone-like spray. I am not a scientist. I do not know how or why it does what it does? However, I’m fully capable of testing and documenting my observations, and the results of my testing of this product were quite convincing to say the least.


Some special observations need to be mentioned regarding Liquid Trust at this point. Liquid Trust does have a rather short duration compared to other more traditional pheromone products. It took me awhile to truly narrow down what the effective duration actually was, but now I can say fairly confidently that Liquid Trust will only be effective for about 1-3 hours after initial application. I strongly suspect the short duration is simply do to the more rapid rate at which Oxytocin breaks down after being exposed to air.

Liquid Trust also must be kept refrigerated in between uses, or it’s effectiveness will seem to become less potent fairly rapidly, again this is because of the rather unstable or volatile nature of Oxytocin itself. Liquid Trust is clearly best used for more important occasions, such as before a job interview, important sales call, or a meeting with your boss to regarding a raise for instance, I would not recommend trying to use Liquid Trust daily, you would go through a lot of bottles very quickly!

However, it must be mentioned, that the top three pheromone products, The Scent of Eros for Men, Alpha-7 Scented, and Liquid Trust, when worn together (combining the effects of all three) consistently produced brutally effective results! In part, the power of this combination, weighed heavily into deciding which products would make my Top 3 ranking! The effects of this combo truly have to be experienced, as words can’t really do it justice, generating friendliness, chattiness, relaxation, higher perceived value, strong sexual attraction, and folks actually just really trust you a lot more…You do the math!

Liquid Trust


Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: #8

Effectiveness Ratio: 9 out of 10 men and women were observed to clearly respond

Recommended Use : Social lubricator / Ice Breaker / Trust Builder / Social Bonding

Most Effective Upon: All Men & Women /All Ages

Special Notes/Observations: Short duration 1-2 hours / Must be kept Refrigerated in between  uses!

Primal Instinct: Primal Instinct for Men – User Complaints & Review

Primal Instinct Pheromone Review

Primal Instinct for Men, also known as Primal Instinct, is an extremely powerful Androstenone oil based pheromone cologne for men, and as such occupies the Number #9 position within our ranking of most effective pheromone colognes for men. Primal Instinct, is a relative oldie but a classic power house, which previously held undisputed sway for years within the pheromone cologne industry.

Primal Instinct, as of the date of this writing, holds sway as the pheromone cologne for men containing possibly the most pure Androstenone per bottle! Primal Instinct is some pretty scary stuff!

So Why is Primal Instinct ranked number #9 then?

There are many reasons why Primal Instinct has fallen, or rather been surpassed by a number of other pheromone colognes for men, time moves on, and the pheromone industry learns and perfects human pheromone colognes slowly, time has simply caught up to Primal Instinct.

Primal Instinct has one main problem, because of it’s extremely high Androstenone content, it has become known as a rather unstable, unpredictable, extremely hard to dose pheromone cologne of vast extremes! As one well respected pheromone cologne enthusiast and merchant honestly described of Primal Instinct;

“A very strong androstenone product, expect the best and possibly the worst of the androstenone reactions (attention, respect, sexual hits, aggression, etc.). Users should be aware that even one drop is too much for some people.”

In essence, even experienced pheromone cologne users often have a rather tough time accurately gauging how much or how little Primal Instinct to apply to induce positive reactions! The problems all occur do to the high and un-buffered androstenone content;

“Androstenone is a human pheromone which the pheromone community refers to basically as a sexually based human pheromone.  Androstenone signals to those exposed, among other things, dominance, aggression, competition, and is strongly known to be associated and to induce feeling of strong sexual attraction.”


Androstenone in a pheromone cologne is all well and good, in the proper proportions however, a fact which is better known now than at the time Primal Instinct was first marketed. So the real pertinent question should be, what are the consequences of using to much Primal Instinct, or any other heavy androstenone pheromone cologne? The very real consequences nearly all Primal Instinct users have experienced, including myself are the following;

* Headaches

*Bad smelling applications

*Aggression from other members of the same sex

*An aggressive mood in the wearer

*Members of the opposite sex to be overly intimidated by the wearer, leading to no, or even very negative reactions

Lets break down the results of “over dosing” on Primal Instinct, which is extremely easy to do, and put it into layman’s terms, shall we?

If you incorrectly does Primal Instinct on your way to work, you may quite possibly show up to work with a killer headache, in a bad and rather aggressive mood, and smelling like you really need a shower! Lets say you are very stubborn, or you are unfamiliar with this product so you are foolish enough to walk into your office anyhow.

You stroll into your office and are greeted by your boss, who happens to be male lets suppose, and of course he senses your “mood” and immediately sees you as some sort of threat to him, therefore behaving however your mean male boss might behave, most likely just looking at you in disgust and telling you to just get to work. You then sit down at your desk, surrounded by your two lovely female co-workers, and for whatever reason, they don’t look at you, and if they do it’s only to shoot you a real dirty look of disgust, and then they pretty much completely ignore you for the rest of the day, and will actually attempt to avoid you all together. All this, as you sit there with your headache wondering way your Primal Instinct won’t work for you!

In layman’s terms, you have just experienced an androstenone over dose! Welcome to the club!

Primal Instinct is not a bad pheromone cologne by any yard stick, as I said, it’s a pheromone cologne of extremes, you will either get the over dose reaction or you will get equally intense positive reactions (assuming you got luck and applied the correct dosage for you), in which case you will receive alot of respect and attention from men, as well as even more sexual attraction based attention from women!

The biggest problem that I have with Primal Instinct, is not that it’s a bad pheromone cologne, but that it’s so darn unstable! I’ve test a lot of pheromone colognes for men as of now, and even with my experience I still can’t always accurately gauge my correct dosage…What works well today, may just simply not work well tomorrow! It can be quite maddening really, and this is all do to the un-buffered high androstenone content.

Before I go into my field test result narrative, let me just say this. Primal Instinct is a good product if you wish to subject yourself to the steep learning curve to figure out how to properly utilize it, but Primal Instinct has clearly been surpassed by the number #2 pheromone cologne for Men, Alpha 7 Scented, which actually contains 40% more pheromone content then Primal Instinct, including additional pheromones specifically included to buffer the negative effects of all that androstenone!

In net effect, Alpha 7 Scented is Primal Instinct (actually slightly more powerful) but with built in safeguards to do away with the whole over dose factor! Therefore, I would never recommend Primal Instinct to a novice pheromone user, but would strongly recommend they start out with the more powerful Alpha 7 Scented so as they don’t have to experience those embarrassing over dose incidents! Ok, that’s my public service announcement for this post…Moving on.

Field Test Results for Primal Instinct

I conducted 14 field tests with Primal Instinct, used as a standalone pheromone cologne. I will tell you now that 6 out of those 14 tests were failures, meaning I was unable to correctly dosage Primal Instinct and experienced some pretty unpleasant over dose affects and reactions from others. However, I will briefly describe the 1st successful field test of Primal Instinct, only to describe the effects it can produce when you get the application just right!

My 1st successful field test, which was my 4th attempt to test Primal Instinct, occurred when I had to go into my employers office to complete some paper work around noonish.

I applied approximately a dab and a half of Primal Instinct behind the ears in the parking lot, and then walked into the office about 10 minutes later.

I entered and started slowly walking past the clerical staff of about 12 rather lovely young ladies, and this time was greeted with all perky smiles, and enthusiastic greetings, and it was very hard not to notice that nearly all of them were intensely staring at me as I returned they’re greetings and continued to walk past. This was good, usually I’m completely ignored at this point, no one ever seems to notice I’m there!

I then walked to the kitchen to make myself some coffee, yes, I drink coffee at noon! Two of the big bosses were sitting in the kitchen having a conversation, both women in there early 40’s, I quickly prepared to be ignored as usual, but not today! Both women seemed to instantly know when I walked into the kitchen, and actually stopped gossiping, smiles coming to their faces, and wanted to know all about my day trying to make small talk? Again, under normal circumstances these two ladies would never have noticed I was there, even if I dropped to the ground and had some kind of attack, I don’t think they would noticed on any other day! But they did this day!

After talking with the two big bosses for about a half hour (totally unprecedented) and getting numerous compliments about my work I eventually escaped to briefly chat with my direct manager, a bookwormish guy in his late 30’s with a serious Napoleon complex. I walked up his desk with a file I needed him to review, stood there for perhaps 10 seconds, and then he abruptly stopped what he was doing on his computer (unprecedented), and greeted me with a big smile, not only that, he gets up from his desk and shakes my hand in greeting?

As I start to discuss business matters with him, he is continually deferring to me and agreeing with everything I say? At the time, my initial impression of his behavior was that he was trying to be my friend, or rather trying to kiss “my” butt! The guy was truly acting like I was his boss and not the other way around! After about 10 minutes of this I had to walk away to keep from laughing, it was that obvious and comical!

Unfortunately, I did not get far, the big boss of the whole office saw me again, and summoned me into her office and closed the door. To make a long story short, she spent the next 45 minutes just complimenting me, and lavishing me with praise over the great work I was doing! (My honest opinion, my work sucked!) As hard as it was to endure, I sat there and just humbly took the praise…

After I escaped this final encounter, I departed the office, very satisfied that at least this day I had properly dosed the Primal Instinct.


Primal Instinct for Men


Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: #9

Effectiveness Ratio: 6 out of 10 women were observed to respond – Intensely!

Recommended Use : Strong Sexual Attraction

Most Effective Upon: All Women/All Men /  Very effective on ages 30+

Special Notes/Observations: Strong sexual attractant / Does not smell that pleasant at all and will require a cover scent / Must be very careful not to over dose on the Androstenone content – Extremely easy to Over Dose/Best Used along with The Scent of Eros for Men or other strong pleasant smelling cologne

NPA for Men: NPA for Men Reviewed

NPA for Men

NPA for Men has emerged as our overall number ten (#10) pick among quality and effective pheromone colognes for men.

NPA for Men is a quite androstenone heavy pheromone product, which is specifically designed to be used as a pheromone additive to enhance the androstenone content of other pheromone colognes. However, many pheromone enthusiasts have found that NPA for Men can also be worn by itself with some very potent results.


What is Androstenone? The pheromone Androstenone is a human pheromone which the pheromone community refers to basically as a sexually based pheromone.  Androstenone signals to those exposed, among other things, dominance, aggression, competition, and is strongly known to be associated and to induce feelings of strong sexual attraction.

One must use real caution when applying or mixing NPA for Men, due to it’s very high Androstenone content. When applied or mixed in the correct dosages NPA for Men can produce some very telling results, strong sexual attraction. But with too much applied or mixed, one can easily run into the symptoms of an Androstenone over dose, which can include the following negatives;

“headaches, poor smelling applications, aggression from other members of the same sex, aggressive mood in the wearer, and members of the opposite sex becoming overly intimidated by the wearer, leading to no or even negative reactions.”

The Field Test Results for NPA for Men

The 1st day I decided to test NPA for Men (1 out of 10 field tests), I was scheduled to meet a co-worker of mine at a bar/restaurant after work. I knew that I would have more limited opportunities to test NPA for Men as it is not really a pheromone product suitable to be used in the work environment, as it is purported to induce extreme feelings of sex attraction, therefore it cannot be safely utilized at the workplace. Therefore, I decided to use this night as my initial test of NPA for Men.

My co-worker is a very attractive 27 year old female with a boyfriend of her own, another reason why I felt it would be safe to test NPA around her, as she had never shown any real sexual interest in me on any previous occasions.

We both met at the restaurant and headed to a small table in the bar portion of the establishment. I quickly excused myself, went to restroom and applied two small dabs of NPA for Men behind each ear, washed my hands, and then returned to our table.

My co-worker and I engaged in normal conversation for about the next 10-15 minutes or so, mainly discussing work related issues at that point. Then our waitress showed up at our table to take our orders. Our waitress was a very attractive Latina in her early twenties, right off the bat she started showing me more attention than usual, standing right by my side (a little to close) as she slowly went through the beer menu. The entire time she recited the beer menu, she was looking at me intensely with a rather sly smile on her face, as if she was interested in meor found me attractive in some way?

We eventually placed our orders and our waitress departed, but kept coming back frequently, (too frequently), lingering over my shoulder about every 10 minutes just to check if we needed anything else before the main course arrived, all the while looking at me intensely with a smile each time, so much so that my co-worker even commented,“Damn! That girl’s got it bad for you! Do you know her or something!?!?!”

As the dinner continued I observed that my co-worker started becoming much more open and personable, discussing her relationship issues, family issues, and soon began telling me that she always thought I was very attractive, and that she was so glad we could meet up outside of work for once. I could clearly see that her behavior towards me had changed, she was leaning forward across our table towards me, and staring at me intensely with a slight smile.

Then my co-worker started playing with things on the table, reaching across to grab a napkin for instance, which required her to gently put her hand on top of mine to retrieve the napkin that my hand was resting on. Little excuses to make physical contact happened four times during this meeting!

Satisfied with the data I had collected, between our waitress and my co-worker, it was time to leave and head our separate ways. We ended up outside in the parking lot standing by my car. I wished her a farewell and gave her a small embrace before leaving, but she didn’t let go!Staring into my eyes she slowly moved in for a kiss! At that point I dis-entangled myself from her, and reminded my co-worker that she had a boyfriend, who was actually at home waiting for her!

My co-worker responded to my reason stating, “You’re right! I’m sorry…I don’t know what it is with me tonight! But you need to get away from me!” I’m assuming she was trying to tell me she was having issues involving her will power! Test over. I got in my car and departed.

Based upon my field tests, I was able to fairly accurately rank NPA for Men as my number #4 pheromone pick. It is a strong sexual attraction based pheromone! However, it falls to the fourth rank because of it’s volatility. One MUST be very careful about how much is used, too much NPA for Men can turn good responses into nightmare like negative responses! NPA for Men is best used by the more experienced pheromone enthusiasts!

However, NPA for Men, is an awesome complimentary product to be used alongside The Scent of Eros for Men, and/or Alpha 7 Scented. Specifically, the effects of NPA for Men when combined with Alpha 7 Scented are very strong, with the odd affect of strongly sexually attracting African-American and Latina women. On a side note, this combination seems to really turn off Asian women. I do not know exactly why.


NPA for Men



Human Pheromone Effectiveness Ranking: #10

Effectiveness Ratio: 6 out of 10 women were observed to clearly respond – intensely.

Recommended Use : Strong Sexual Attractant/ Higher Value/ Respect from both Sexes

Most Effective Upon: All Women /All Ages – Enhanced “initial” Response from 30+

Special Notes/Observations: Enhanced effectiveness/Response from Latina and Black Women / Best Used along with The Scent of Eros for Men and/or Alpha 7 Scented – so as to minimize the intimidation factor.


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