Do Pheromones Work? A Candid Pheromone Review

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Do pheromones Work? If you have found yourself wandering the net, asking yourself the same question as thousands of other folks, do pheromones work? Then you have found the site that will strive to answer that question and set you straight on the real deal about pheromone products for men and women alike. I would strongly suggest not purchasing any pheromone product until you read the results of my human pheromone reviews!

Starting my research into the world of human pheromones back in December, 2007, I was originally frustrated by the fact that there is very little in the way of conclusive scientific evidence Per Se, that these products work, or do not work.

As a matter of fact, the only two conclusions I was able to draw after reading through the findings of a number of clinical trials, is that there are basically two schools of thought on the whole matter.


The 1st School of Thought

They simply don’t know, insufficient clinical studies specific to humans.”

The 2nd School of Thought:

“Pheromones do effect certain people, but we don’t conclusively know to what extent, nor why some people respond to them and others do not.”


That’s the bottom-line on the issue of pheromones, as far as the scientific community goes at the moment. We must face facts, human beings are complex animals, scientific progress to rise to the level of scientific “proof” will take time.


So, Do Pheromones Really Work? Or Not?

Needless to say, I was not going to be satisfied with the available knowledge provided by the few clinical studies conducted to date. So I decided to conduct my own empirical review of a number of pheromone products.

In net effect, I searched for information online to aid me in identifying some of the top pheromone products currently on the market, including information gathered from some long time pheromone enthusiasts, and compiled my initial list. I then ordered the products and simply used them in the real world while carefully taking notes, and documenting my observations concerning others behavior, assuming there was anything to document at all of course. Yes, I used the good old fall back method, the empirical method of evaluation;

“depending upon experience or observation alone, without using scientific method or theory, esp. as in medicine.”

So What Happened? Do Pheromones Work?

In starting this site, I decided to take a more balanced approach. I’m not going to draw conclusions for the reader here. Every thinking individual should have the ability to make up his or her own mind as to answering the question, do pheromones work?, for themselves!

What I will do on this site, is simply publish, post by post, my field testing narrative, observations, and possible theories to the results or lack of results, and then let my readers draw their own conclusions.

I will publish each pheromone products field test results in the pages which follow, roughly 43 pheromone colognes for men, and another 13 pheromone products, pheromones for women to attract men! That’s currently 56 field tested products and counting!


  1. The smell last long! I love it!

  2. alpha 7 + scent of eros + liquid trust
    alpha 314 + scent of eros+liquid trust
    max attraction gold + scent of eros + liquid trust
    (if this is the best combination then nothing is oil based and all are sprays-will oil based pheromone is effective like alpha7)
    aqua vitae + scent of eros + liquid trust….pls tell me about adding turn up heat etc.

    Thank You

    • Hi Karth,

      I will assume you are asking about my opinion of those various combos? You have mentioned a number of good quality pheromone colognes, and I have had good luck with nearly all of them!

      Assuming I understand you correctly, I will briefly tell you how “I” utilize each combo.

      1. The Scent of Eros + Alpha 7 – This is an oldie but a goodie of mine, I typically use this combo for dating situations, dinner and movies etc… Seems to project a comforting but alpha vibe, putting my date at ease but also letting her know I’m a man, and definitely boyfriend material…I only incorporate Liquid Trust into this mix if I was looking make a serious impression, like a job interview or something, not so much for a normal date though, although it certainly would not hurt!

      2. Scent of Eros + Alpha A314 – Results are very similar to the above combo, but not as smooth as with the Alpha 7, typically would use this combo if I was targetting a African, African American or Hispanic lady for dating. Definitely not for use with Asian females, do to the enhanced intimidation.

      3. The Scent of Eros + Max Attraction – Straight up club mix! This stuff can be a sledge hammer, I would use this mix if going to a club, dance club, house party, someplace where I need to stand out and get general notice quickly, but not for a one on one encounter.

      4. Scent of Eros + Aqua Vitae – Seems to work just as well as this combo with Alpha 7 included, accept for of a lust type vibe, think immediate gratification as opposed to projecting a “boyfriend material” type vibe.

      With all those above combos, frankly, I would only incorporate Liquid Trust “if” I was looking to make an immediate favorable impact upon a specific person, during a short period of time, like an interview situation for instance, those type of encounters is where LT really excels.

      As for Turn Up the Heat, that was one of my first few pheromone colognes I ever used back in 2007/2008, I’m not a big fan and have not used the stuff since that time.

      Hope that helps!

  3. hi Kyle, great site really useful saved me 100 dollars. I do however have a question have you had a chance to review “attractant” yet I can’t seem to find it in your archive?

  4. Thanks Kyle,, much appreciated!..

    Looked for your links/references for vendors and could not locate.


    • I’m not sure what exactly you’re looking for? Anyhow, various vendors are represented here as no one vendor sells all the products I have reviewed. If you are looking for a specific vendor simply click on the link of the specific pheromone cologne you are interested in, that will take you to the vendor in question.

  5. I am a older guy (62) and at this time need a little more credibility with the younger folks at work plus having “some” attraction from slightly younger ladies would also be nice. Would also like to have executives/management be more open and trusting.. suggestions would be appreciated as I’m sure the dosing levels and compounds would be different. I am thinking about a314 along with ???.. Also what has been your experience with the different vendors.



    • Hi Paul, don’t feel awkward, many folks who try pheromones are older guys, I’m not a young man myself. Anyhow, yes A314 is a very sound product, although I would personally give my own favorite a try, or at least read up on it, it’s called Alpha 7 Scented…This is personally what I grab every day before work, great stuff for extra respect, stature, and yes also sexual attraction. However, you will notice more respect before before overt sexual attraction from the younger ladies using Alpha 7. Not to mention, Alpha 7 just smells a whole lot better than A314, you will look and smell the part of some one who commands more respect and has a higher social status, folks call it the “James Bond” effect…

      If you are looking into solely focusing on “sexual attraction” and specifically of younger ladies, you would want to read about using as well, the scent of eros, npa for men, or even chikara for men. Personally, I get away with just using Alpha 7 scented along side with the scent of eros for men, gets me a lot of respect, stature, sexual attraction, and folks just love chatting away with me…As for dosing level, because male pheromone production decreases with age, of course you would need higher doses than some young buck, but not alot more, start with 2 then observe and work your way up if needed.

      As for the different vendors, at least the ones I’ve given positive reviews to, they are all class acts, prompt and good service, and in the unlikely event you have a problem they have no problem correcting that problem and making things right, at least that’s my experience with them, which is why I do the courtesy of linking to them as opposed to others, that I have not had a good experience with, I wont mention any names.

      Good luck to ya,


  6. Hello Mr. Kyle, Would A-7, SOE and Npa work well together? I noticed that on your top #3 spot’s, you mentioned that those products (SOE, A-7, & LT) when working in conjunction produce “often times brutal results”, I’m curious as to whether this mix would be good together as well. Mahalo braddah!

    • Short and to the point, yes! I’ve definitely gotten some very strong results with that SOE, Alpha 7, and Liquid Trust combo, yes. Note: the effectiveness of the Liquid Trust portion is short lived, perhaps an hour or so only, but during that time frame you will most likely make when heck of an impression lol.


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